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Statement of Condition


As of 6/30/2020


A table of all the bank assets
Cash and Due from Banks$ 8,523,000.00
Securities$ 40,845,000.00
Total Loans$ 39,855,000.00
Premises / Fixed Assets$ 1,179,000.00
Other Assets$ 2,484,000.00
Total Assets$ 92,886,000.00

Liabilities & Equity

A table with information about liabilities and equity
Deposits$ 83,259,000.00
Other Liabilities$ 884,000.00
Common Stock$ 600,000.00
Surplus$ 1,400,000.00
Undivided Profits$ 6,743,000.00
Total Liabilities & Equity$ 92,886,000.00


Phillip G. Newsom
Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Chad R. Newsom
President / Lending Officer

Dana Q. Tucker
Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer / Cashier

Jerry D. Watson
Executive Vice President / Chief Lending Officer

Rhonda E. Land
Senior Vice President / Assistant Cashier

Brandi R. McElhaney
Vice President

Pamela L. Toumbs
Assistant Vice President

Stacy L. Willis
Assistant Vice President

Angel R. Dixon
Assistant Vice President

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